Investment & Firm Philosophy:

Tolis Advisors, LP (“Tolis”) is a New York based Structured Credit asset manager founded in 2007.  Tolis provides investment management services to investment funds and separately managed accounts.

Tolis seeks to maximize total return with a bias toward capital preservation. Tolis seeks to generate an elevated level of cash-on-cash returns and trading gains through the acquisitions of Structured Credit assets, as well as through related strategies complementary to Tolis’ core securitization competency. Tolis applies a fundamental value and multi-strategy based approach to recognize and create value across the Structured Credit markets.  As a consequence, Tolis-managed portfolios tend to gravitate toward a multi-sector risk composition, generally including: Commercial Mortgage Backed Securities (“CMBS”), Residential Mortgage Backed Securities (“RMBS”), Collateralized Debt Obligations (“CDOs”), and Asset Backed Securities (“ABS”).